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I grew up with almost no religion in my childhood. My first true introduction to religion was when I married my husband who was a devout Catholic. I became Catholic at his request and spent 20 years questioning if THIS was what knowing God was supposed to be like. I was not at peace. I made MANY mistakes. I wrestled with temptation, sin, and pain almost daily. However, one day I received a call that changed my life entirely. My estranged father, whom I had never met and hadn't talked to in years, had died in a sudden accident. Truthfully I felt as if my life would be unaffected by the death of my absent father, when in reality my life was forever changed. God used his death to heal me from wounds I didn't even know I had and win battles I didn't even know I was fighting. And upon being born again, I was blessed with this concept of sharing the Word of God through t-shirt designs. Now with the help of God and my daughter, we've created a brand that puts the significance on the Gospel and helps the wearer to


We hope our brand encourages you to share the Word, even if it's just by the picture on your shirt.

-Becky Major

Picture the Word - Change the World

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